Program - Part 2

10 35
Reliable and efficient numerical algorithms for environmental and energy applications
  • Martin Vohralik, SERENA team, Inria Paris
  • Mireille Bossy, CALISTO team, Inria Sophia Antipolis
10 45
Experimental-based modeling and simulation of wave propagation to characterize geophysical and heliophysical media
  • Hélène Barucq, MAKUTU team, Inria Bordeaux
  • Michel Bergmann - MEMPHIS team, Inria Bordeaux
    Presented by Martin Parisot - CARDAMOM team, Inria Bordeaux
  • Abstract
  • Danilo Carastan dos Santos, DATAMOVE team, Inria Grenoble
  • Abstract
  • Martin Parisot, CARDAMOM team, Inria Bordeaux
  • Abstract
11 05
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